Monthly Giving

Making a monthly donation is an easy, convenient and efficient way to support the Future Angels. By making a recurring gift, you are making the Future Angels part of your everyday life. You are showing that you are committed to our ongoing success. Consistent gifts provide a solid foundation upon which we can build. To set up a recurring monthly donation, go to our donation page. After you enter your donation amount, check the box that says, “Repeat this donation monthly”. You can update your monthly gift at any time.

Medical supplies
Medical equipment’s
Long term living

In Honor or Memorial Giving

Making a gift in honor or memory of a loved one is a touching way to support the work of the Future Angels. For instance, donating to the Future Angels is a wonderful way to honor and celebrate a loved one with Down syndrome who has been adopted. The fastest and easiest way to make this kind of a gift is through our website, then select the Future Angels Adoption Network from the gift designation. Just below the designation section, fill in the information for either in honor of, or in memory of. To further discuss In Honor or Memorial gifts,

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are an easy way to double or even triple the impact of your personal contribution to the Future Angels. Many corporations have matching gift programs and will match your donation to an accredited charitable organization. Here’s how to make a matching gift:

Check with your human resources department to find out whether your company has a
matching gift policy.  If so, your employer will usually provide a form for you to fill out and send to us with your donation.  We will verify your gift and return the form to your company, which will then issue a matching gift contribution directly to the NDSAN.

Stock Gifts

Transferring stock is an excellent way to support the Future Angels Adoption Network.  A gift of securities provides significant benefits, such as:

 Increased value for your gift to the Future Angels and decreased cost to you;

 A charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gifted securities, and;

 Elimination of capital gains tax that would ordinarily become due if you had sold the appreciated securities on the open market and donated the proceeds of the sale to the Future Angels.

Legacy Giving

Thank you for thinking of including the Future Angels Adoption Network in your future plans. By establishing a planned gift to support the mission of the Future Angels, you are ensuring that we will be able to help connect children with Down syndrome to loving families for generations to come. You are making a lasting investment in the lives of children with Down syndrome. There are a variety of ways that you can include the Future Angels in you plans. A few of the most common methods include:


Bequests are the most frequent and simplest form of a Planned Gift.   A bequest is a transfer of property by your will – for example, cash, stocks, or bonds to an individual, a nonprofit or an organization.

Life Insurance, IRAs or Retirement Funds Beneficiary Designations

A gift of life insurance allows someone to contribute a previously acquired policy that they may no longer need for its original purpose, and realize its tax benefits.  One option is to name the Future Angels as a named beneficiary of a life insurance policy, company pension plan or a private plan, such as an IRA, Keogh, or tax-sheltered annuity.  There is also the option of listing the Future Angels as just a percentage or lump sum beneficiary of the aforementioned benefits.  Gifting of pension plan benefits can help you avoid both income and estate taxes.

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